About Us

Renegade Pest Control has been helping people deal with their pest control issues for nearly 10 years. Over the years, we have built a reputation of being a courteous group of technicians who work efficiently and diligently to ensure that your Omaha home is relieved of whatever pest control issue that you have. Instead of looking to a short-term fix, we want to help to ensure the long-term safety of your household. We offer comprehensive solutions to your pest control issues so that you can peacefully enjoy your Omaha home without needing to worry about pests invading it.

Renegade Pest Control looks to help you deal with the uncomfortable situations that insects and other pests can cause. We know that most people will deal with pest control issues at some point in their lives. No matter if your issue is ants in the kitchen, moles in the backyard, or a wasp nest outside, we’re here to help you. Renegade Pest Control wants to be the people you can count on to alleviate all of your pest control issues. Our technicians take the extra time to get to know you and build a relationship above the usual technician and client relationship.

 At Renegade Pest Control, we believe that the vast majority of insects and animals are good and are beneficial to the environment. We believe that if the insects or animals are not causing any issues to you then there is no need to directly harm any insect or animals. But as soon as they become a nuisance, health issue, or cause damage it is time to take measures to address the pest control issue. This pest control issues should be addressed as soon as possible. If left alone, most pest control issues will only get worse and worse if they are ignored.

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