Cricket Control Omaha, NE

Everyone recognizes the chirping of the crickets in Omaha and when they find a way into your home they become a major nuisance. While crickets typically stay outdoors, they are attracted the heat that they can find inside of your Omaha home. Crickets do not typically cause any damage to your home, but they can cause a lot of noise and quickly become very annoying. Crickets are very quick and they jump around making them hard to catch.

Types of Crickets

There are three major types of crickets that are found in Omaha.

  • House Crickets: House crickets are light brown in color and are nocturnal, these crickets typically stay outside. But if they do get inside, they do cause light damage to paper, silk, wool, and foods. Although the damage they cause is usually minor.
  • Field Crickets: Field crickets are the shiny black crickets, they will typically try to enter your home in the fall as they try to find a place to stay over the winter
  • Mole Crickets: Mole Crickets like regular moles will burrow in yards and cause damage to your property. They can also attract predators such as raccoons.

What You Can Do

Finding crickets in your home can be difficult. Crickets usually go silent when they feel threatened. The sound of their chirping can be difficult to locate because the sound will bounce quickly around the house and from inside the walls. The best way to get rid of crickets in your home is to reduce the moisture in your home. You can also contact Renegade Pest Control and we can come to your home and conduct a cricket control treatment that will prevent and get ride of crickets from your Omaha home.

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