Ant Control Omaha, NE

Ants can be a pesky pest for Omaha homes and businesses.
While most Omaha ant species do not cause damage to your home, they can be very
annoying. Carpenter Ants are a different story, Carpenter Ants can cause
serious damage to your Omaha home’s structure if left unchecked. Renegade Pest Control
formulates a unique solution for your Omaha ant control problem. Ants are
social insects, which means that there are typically large colonies that needs
to taken care of as soon as you notice that you have an Omaha ant control issue. If
you try to get rid ants without getting rid of the colony, all you’ll do is
alleviate the forager ants and not get rid of your Omaha ant control problem. This is
why Renegade Pest Control works diligently to eliminate the source of the
Omaha ant problem, including the colony and the entry points that they tool to get into
your Omaha home or business.

Ant Exterminator

The Renegade Pest Control’s certified Omaha ant exterminator
technicians take all of the precautions needed to ensure that your home or
business is not only safe, but the  Omaha ants are gone as well. It is very important that you identify
the specific type of Omaha ant that you are infested with. Our Omaha ant exterminators will
identify which specific type of ant that you have and create a custom ant
extermination plan to eliminate your Omaha home or business. We take into
account all factors involved including where the ants are, level of
infestation, and every other factor involved when creating a unique Omaha ant
extermination plan.

Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter Ants got their name from their expertise at
creating their home from wood. Omaha Carpenter Ants do not eat wood, but they do
harvest wood. This becomes a problem when the wood they use come from your
Omaha home. Carpenter Ants need to be controlled as soon as you recognize that you
have them. Omaha Carpenter Ants can destroy your home from the inside out. If you
think that you have an Omaha Carpenter Ant problem, contact Renegade Pest Control as
soon as possible. Look out for black or dark colored ants who have large
mandibles which they use to carry the wood back to the colony.

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