Beetle Control Omaha, NE

If you have a beetle infestation, getting quality beetle control quickly is crucial in the Omaha area. While beetles do not pose a serious health concern, they can become a pest when they start causing damage to property and your food sources. Beetles can cause damage to a variety of different materials including clothes, décor, furniture, and more. They can also damage stored food in the pantry as well as any back-yard gardens that grow food. Beetles are attracted to different materials depending on the type of beetle. Many beetles may stumble into your Omaha home while searching for stored grains and other packaged foods. While other beetles are attracted to garden plants, wood, or fabric that they can feed on. To get rid of beetles efficiently and effectively contact Renegade Pest Control for your beetle control needs in Omaha.

How To Get Rid Of Beetles?

 Renegade Pest Control has different methods to remove the beetles depending on your unique beetle control situation. Our beetle control technicians will inspect the house to see how the beetles are getting in, where they are hiding in the house, and develop a beetle control plan. We not only deal with the adult beetles, but we also target the immature beetles to prevent the beetle infestation from spreading. We also educate you during the whole process. We let you know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Once we create our custom beetle control plan, we execute it. We will then monitor the plan to ensure that we got all of the beetles.

Beetle Prevention

There are steps that you can take to prevent beetles from infesting your home. You can use good sanitation practices to make your home less attractive to beetles. Use a first in, first out mentality by regular cleaning out closets to avoid accumulating old fabrics that beetles love.

For All of Your Beetle Control Needs, Contact Renegade Pest Control in Omaha