Box Elder Bug Control Omaha, NE

Box Elder Bugs are a common pest in the Omaha area, while they do not pose a threat to people or property, box elder bug control can be required when they invade homes and garages. Box Elder Bugs usually grow to be about a ½ inch long and are black with reddish or orange markings on their backs. Box Elder Bugs feed on the juices inside of trees such as Box Elder and Maple Trees. You will begin to notice box elder bugs as winter ends and spring begins as the Box Elder Bugs come out of their overwintering site.

Box Elder Bug Infestations

It is best to treat Omaha Box Elder Bug infestations by preventing them in the first place. Once Box Elder Bugs infest your Omaha home, garage, or shed it is very difficult. But Renegade Pest Control can take measures to prevent Box Elder Bugs from ever infesting your Omaha property. Contacting us in the late winter into the spring is the best way to ensure that the Box Elder Bugs stay away from your Omaha property. Towards the late summer or early fall, the Box Elder Bugs will join into large groups and search for overwintering sites throughout the Omaha area. It is this time of year where you will begin to see the most Box Elder Bug Infestations.

What You Can Do

You can always contact Renegade Pest Control to help maintain a healthy Omaha home, but there are also steps that you can take to keep them out as well. Keeping Box Elder Bugs out is the most effective way to prevent infestations. You can seal cracks and crevices that you see around your home, garage, or shed. Avoid planting Box Elder trees on your property minimize the attractiveness of your home to the bug.

Contact Renegade Pest Control For All of Your Box Elder Bug Control and Prevention Needs In the Omaha Area.