Flea Control Omaha, NE

Flea control is needed because are sneaky pests that are usually brought to your Omaha property by urban wildlife such as raccoons and opossums. Once the fleas get into your yard, they jump onto your pets and are brought into your home. Fleas are mostly inactive during the day and lay their eggs when your pet is inactive, a lot of times at night. The most common areas to find fleas in your Omaha home are the areas where your pets sleep at night or lay around during the day. Contacting Renegade Pest Control as soon as you suspect that you have a flea control issue is crucial in preventing the spread of fleas in your home.

How to Spot Fleas

If your pet is itching excessively or if you see black specks where your pet sleeps, you may have a flea control issue. If the fleas get on you or your family, you will likely notice flea bites on your ankles. The bites that you get from fleas are small, red, and extremely itchy. Fortunately, the bites occur without the swelling associated with other bites.

Where to Find Fleas

Fleas usually get into your Omaha home by hitching a ride on your pets. But humans can bring them in on their clothes or be left over from prior residents as well. Most adult fleas live on animals, but their eggs can often fall onto the carpet or fabric on carpets in your Omaha home. The flea eggs hatch in your Omaha home and you quickly have a flea control issue on your hands.

What to Do

Many over the counter flea control products kill off the adult fleas but do little to the thousands of fleas that are left over. It is difficult to fully eliminate a flea control issue in your Omaha home by yourself. Our flea exterminator experts are available to help you with your flea control issue.

  • Wash or replace your pets’ bed often.
  • Vacuum rugs and carpets thoroughly including under your bed and upholstered furniture.
  • Clean wood and linoleum floors by sweeping and mopping.
  • Ensuring that your pet has done all necessary steps to keep fleas away.

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