Lady Bug/Asian Beetle Control Omaha, NE

Ladybugs and Asian beetles are recognizable from your red/orange pigments along with their black spots on their backs. Ladybug and Asian beetle control is typically needed in Omaha when they gather in mass numbers around homes and tall buildings as the temperature begins to fall in late autumn. They typically gather on the southwest sides of Omaha homes and businesses due to the warmth gathered in the late afternoon.

What Attracts Ladybugs and Asian Beetles

Asian Beatles and Ladybugs are often attracted to flowering plants around your Omaha home or business since the flowers are their main source of food. As the Omaha weather gets colder, they are attracted to the warmth that homes and businesses offer. If your home is the one the spot, they choose it can be easy for them to find a small gap to get inside of your Omaha home or business.

How to Keep Ladybugs and Asian Beetles out

Winterizing your home is crucial to making sure that your Omaha home keeps all of the Asian Beetles and Ladybugs out of your home. Making sure that your doors have adequate weather stripping on the bottom. Also, making sure that your windows are tight fitting screens will help prevent them from finding openings to get into your house. Going around your home and caulk all potential openings that ladybugs could use to get into your house. You can also plant Chrysanthemums around your Omaha home, as the scent that they produce repels the ladybugs and Asian beetles.

Getting Ladybugs and Asian Beetles Out of Your Omaha Home

If you see a few ladybugs or Asian Beetles in your home, it may not be a big deal, they will eventually find their way out of your home as it warms up. But if you start to see more of them, contact Renegade Pest Control so that we can get ride of them as soon as possible. You can vacuum them up and dispose of the bag in your trash can outside.

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