Moth Control Omaha, NE

There are a variety of Moths that live in the Omaha area. They can vary in size, appearance, as well as behavior. Overall, moths are a beneficial insect that eats other insects and some even pollinate plants. But other types of moths can be parasitic and feed on blood. If you suspect that you have a moth infestation, contacting Renegade Pest Control as soon as possible can keep the damage that they inflict to a minimum. Moths can cause damage to clothes and food resulting in needing to throw away food and holes in your clothes.

How to Spot a Moth Infestation

Look out for small holes in clothing made out of animal material such as wool, silk, and fur. Also look out for webbing in the corner of closets, on clothing, or the pantry. These may also be accompanied by a musty smell as well.

What To Do?

To prevent a moth infestation, keep your closets well ventilated and at a cool temperature. Clean out pantries and closets thoroughly, as well as laundering your clothing. To avoid damage to your property contact Renegade Pest Control as soon as possible for your moth control issue.

Clothes Moth Behavior

Moths are notorious for ruining clothes, specifically wool by chewing through the cloth, spinning webs, or leaving feces behind. They are also attracted to other natural materials such as silk, hair, felt, fur, and feathers. Moths avoid the light as much as they can and hide in dark locations such as closets, basements, and attics. This can make it difficult to catch moth control issues before they get out of hand. This can result in substantial damage done to clothing and furnishings before you even know you have a moth control issue. Contacting Renegade Pest Control as soon as you suspect a moth infestation can limit the moths.

Pantry Moth Behavior

Similarly to clothes moths, pantry moths try to stay in the dark as much as possible. This is why you will typically find these moths in the pantry. They like to eat dry food such as, grains, nuts, flours, spices, and chocolate that is typically stored in pantries. Pantry moths are easier to catch earlier because people will go through their pantry more often than a room such as an attic.

Contact Renegade Pest Control for Your Moth Control Needs As Soon As Possible to Limit Damage to Your Property.