Snake Control Omaha, NE

snake removal omaha neGot a snake in your boot? Hopefully not, but if you have a snake in your home or on your Omaha property and need it removed, call Renegade Pest Control and we’ll take care of the snake removal. Even if you have not seen the snake, but maybe you suspect there may be one in or around your house, it’s best to contact the snake control experts and Renegade Pest Control.

Snake Inspections

If you suspect that there is a snake in your home or on your property, contact Renegade Pest Control and we’ll come out and conduct a snake inspection. We’ll look in all of the areas where snakes try to hang out such as rock piles, piles of yard debris, tall grass, and various other locations. We also inspect your property for snake’s prey such as rodents. We search for readily available sources of food such as insects and rodents. We also look for signs that the snakes leave behind such as snakeskin. If there are snakes in your home, we check under and around appliances, in rafters, wall ledges, near heat sources, and more places.

Snake Removal

If you know that there is a snake in your home or on your property, call Renegade Pest Control for the snake removal. We’ll remove the snake in the safest way possible to ensure the safety of you, your family, the snake, and our professionals. We conduct our snake removals quickly and efficiently to bring back your peace of mind. One way we can do this is by spraying to remove the bugs that snakes eat, thus the snakes have no reason to stay on your property.

Snake Repellent

Once we remove the snake, we take steps to prevent snakes from coming back. One way to prevent snakes is snake repellent. Snake Repellent is guaranteed for 60 days, and is the best way to keep snakes from coming into your home or onto your property. Nobody wants to have snakes in or around your home, that is why Renegade Pest Control offers snake repellent to prevent snakes.

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