Stink Bug Control Omaha, NE

Stink Bugs are an invasive species and can become a serious problem to your Omaha home and property. Originally from eastern Asia, these bugs have found the perfect environment for them to thrive in the Omaha area. Stink Bugs are most active during the spring, winter, and fall. But you will see them around your home mostly in the spring and fall when they are either leaving their winter hiding grounds in the spring or trying to find a hiding spot in the fall. You still may see stinkbug through the winter due to the heartiness of the bug.

Stink Bug Appearance

Stink Bugs have a distinct shield-like body that can be green, gray, but will most often be brown in the Omaha area. Stink Bugs can grow up to 2cm in length or about the length of a peanut. Stink Bugs are good flyers and will fly towards your home in the fall and try to find any crack that can offer them a safe haven throughout the winter. Fortunately, Stink Bugs do not have the anatomy to puncture human skin and pose a minor threat to our health.

Stink Bug Harm

While Stink Bugs do not cause damage to our health, they do emit a foul odor when they are swatted, hence the name Stink Bug. They also feed on plants on your Omaha property, especially ones that bare fruit and ones commonly found in Omaha gardens. They will suck the moisture out of the leaves, stems, and roots causing serious damage to the plants.

Preventing Stink Bugs

There are a few key steps that you can take to prevent Stink Bugs from making your Omaha property their home. You can minimize the amount of unnecessary light sources that may be on your patio, porches, or elsewhere on your property. Keep food in sealed containers to prevent Stink Bugs from making a feast out of your food. Also, minimize the amount of unnecessary water sources that are in and around your home.

If you notice that you have a lot of Stink Bugs around, you likely have a Stink Bug infestation and should contact Renegade Pest Control as soon as possible so that we can eliminate the issue. Try to resist the urge to swat these pests if you don’t need to, the smell is very unpleasant, let us deal with the pests.

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