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The Best Termite Prevention Techniques for Homeowners

Termites are destructive insects. If they aren’t treated seriously, termites can destroy the structure of your home, leading to expensive damage control. Renegade Pest Control in Omaha can help prevent or treat these termites in the home. Our services include termite inspection, termite prevention, and termite treatment. But first, let’s look at some steps you can personally take to prevent these insects from infecting your house. There are two types of termite prevention. The first is pre-building your home, and the second is after your home has been built.

How to Prevent Termites Before Your House is Built

Termite prevention begins at the planning stages of a home. There are protective materials that you can incorporate into the structure of your home to prevent termites from eating through your walls. The first thing you can do is plan for a BTB (Basaltic Termite Barrier) into the foundation of your home. This barrier is made of small rock particles tightly packed beneath your home. This creates a barrier that termites cannot get through. 

You can also install termite mesh, which is a metal screen with tiny holes that termites are unable to crawl through. The termite mesh is used over building materials where small holes can be found, such as cold joints in concrete or brick. A concrete foundation is the hardest material for termites to surpass, only if there are no spaces or cracks. Brick or block foundations develop holes and cracks commonly, so termite mesh is recommended to keep termites out.

How to Prevent Termites After Your House is Built

Don’t worry, you can still prevent termites if you don’t live in a home that took the proper termite prevention steps pre-build. The first step you can take is to remove any outdoor materials from touching the wooden structure of your house. This includes any dirt, soil, lumber, mulch, cardboard and plants. When these materials touch, it is easy for termites to get directly into your home, so leave at least four inches between those materials and your home. The only thing that should be touching the wooden structure of your house is the foundation. Siding should come up at least 6 inches above any soil, to avoid making that contact. Plants should be located a couple feet away from the home for the best termite prevention.

You should also ensure that your storm drainage empties a few feet away from the foundation, to avoid excessively moist soil. Termites are attracted to wet and moist areas, so fix any leaky faucets or showerheads, and any other origins of significant moisture in your home. During termite’s swarming season, which is during the transition between cool and warm months, avoid keeping lights on outside the home at night. Try to even remove those lights and relocate them to a location away from doors and windows.

Renegade Pest Control in Omaha Can Help

One of the simplest and easiest ways to prevent and treat termites is to consult a professional. The experts at Renegade Pest Control in Omaha will conduct a termite inspection, present an analysis of your termite risk, and take the steps necessary to get rid of or prevent termites from destroying your home. Termites are not easy to get rid of, so it is important to be proactive in your termite prevention and termite treatment techniques. If you’re interested in a consultation with Renegade Pest Control in Omaha, visit our contact us page.

Termite Control Omaha, NE

termite control omaha neRenegade Pest Control is the premier termite control and prevention company in Omaha. We conduct thorough Omaha termite inspections and use eco-friendly termite treatment methods. We offer the most effective methods for getting rid of pesky Omaha termites from your home or business. Our Omaha termite control experts take you through our termite treatment options to help you chose the best treatment for you. Our trained team of Omaha termite professionals also conduct real estate inspections and provide all needed documentation that your new or refinanced home is termite-free.

All of our termite treatments and termite inspections are conducted by certified professionals. Our Omaha termite extermination services are available to homes, businesses, and all other commercial structures.

Termite Prevention

The best way to get rid of Omaha termites is to make sure you never get them in the first place. Omaha Termite prevention through Renegade Pest Control gives you the best chance to ensure that your Omaha home or business doesn’t get infested by termites. Nobody wants to deal with termites, so consult the experts to ensure that your Omaha home is safe from these devastating insects. Not only do we take precautionary measures to prevent termites from making a home out of your home, but we also take the extra steps to educate you, the homeowner, steps that you can take to prevent these detrimental insects.

Termite Control Products

Renegade Pest Control only uses the safest and most effective termite products available on the market today. We take the health and safety of our clients extremely seriously, which is why we choose to use the safest products,  thus keeping your family and pets safe. We take every precaution to ensure that our termite control products are both safe and hidden far away from anywhere that children or pets can get to them.

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